In Vancouver

Well, it’s been a week and I’m alive and well in Vancouver. I’m still in the phase of walking around in wonder that I’m actually living here now. There’s mountains, ocean, huge trees and flowers galore. The weather has been especially kind with NO RAIN since I’ve been here.

So what have I been up to?

New Home

I’ve been slowly settling into my new place. I live in a yellow house, built prob in the 60’s. The neighbourhood is quiet and safe. Elm trees line the streets and remind me of the neighbourhood I grew up in Edmonton. Except, they’re much larger. My landlords live above me and I have a floor basically to myself. It’s above ground, but with the way it’s built and the vegetation surrounding the place, I don’t get any sunlight. I have my own bathroom but it’s on the main floor, as with the kitchen that I share. All in all, it’s a nice place. But I won’t be staying. I’ve been offered another place with far cheaper rent and it’s closer to the school and the ocean. So when the term finishes in Dec.. it’s moving time, again!


I had 3 days of orientation this past week. Initially I didn’t think we would need three days, but after going through all of it I understand why. Not only it’s a great time to meet new people, but we learned the history and values of the school, met the staff and professors, got prepped on the the school’s culture, workload, and expectations, and – for those new to Canada – got some cross cultural tips. About 30% of the students here are from the States, and 40% are non-North American. It’s been great to hear all these various accents, and impressive stories of relocation.


My parents graciously drove out here, pulling along a trailer full of my things. They stayed the week, so every night I had dinner with them and family friends whom they stayed with. Needlesstosay, I’m stuffed.  My fridge is already well-stocked with leftovers and frozen dumplings courtesy of mom and dad. While I should be getting back to more healthy eating, my god-parents are now in town. Yay for more Chinese food.

So, that basically sums it up. I’m trying to familiarize myself with the transit system and what’s around. Classes don’t start until Tuesday, so on my last day of freedom I will be trying to figure out car insurance and health care. You think that with provincial auto insurance, and socialist health care, premiums would be cheaper… nope! I guess that’s one thing that Edm has one up on Vancouver. That and the people 😛

Not sure how often I’ll be updating this. The semester ahead is daunting. I may have just 3 days of classes per week, but the courses will be demanding. I’m taking Hebrew, Old Testament Foundations, Christian Thought and Culture, and History of Christianity.

Thanks for reading! Please comment and let me know someone is reading… 🙂


8 thoughts on “In Vancouver

  1. Hey Diana – glad to hear you’re settling in – sounds like life is going to be going full tilt for you over the next year or two….keep in touch and remember how beautiful the snow, weather (and people of course) is in Edmonton in January! Hope to see you at Christmas.

  2. HI Di! Thanks for sharing your life in this update. I am glad to hear thta you are settling in… your surroundings sound wonderful. I know that you will be disciplined to wrok your studies around your 3 days of classes. I miss you already…. and am definetly praying for you as you come to mind (which is often). Take Care of you!

  3. Welcome to the West Coast Di!! 😀 I’m so excited for you and even more excited that you’re so much closer to me now 😛 Once you’ve settled in some more and are craving to try more Vancouver restaurants, I’ll come up to visit you!!

  4. 09Sept2008: Just got around to following up on your e-mail and checking out your site. I am impressed! I also am pleased that things seem to be going well for you in your new situation. I look forward to learning of your growth in this new adventure with The LORD, and continue to trust Him to lead you, guide you, protect you, and by The Power and Presence of The Holy Spirit, to continue to transform you more each day into His Own Likeness! In Christ, Ken

  5. Nice! Looks like you’re settling in OK and that the school years ahead will be fun and challenging.

    Agreed, the people in Edmonton are some of the nicest people I’ve met. Even strangers and other drivers. And, I’ll be the first to admit it, Edmonton kicks butt on Calgary in the measure of “niceness of the average person”. 🙂

    I’m missin’ the sushi we had 2 Saturdays ago … bring some back at Christmas? 😛

  6. Hi Di,
    Love the blog and hope ot read more. You’re going to love the milder winters I’m sure but maybe not all the rain… Let me know what’s better… warm rain or freezing dry.

  7. hey you!
    if you feel lazy…you can always just pen a line or two =)
    Hope you are doing well…
    did you hit Ajisai sushi yet?

  8. Hey di,
    Sounds like you are having a great time!:)
    I’m so excited for you that you are going to Regent. I’ve heard 3 amazing speakers all come from that school so you are in great company! We’ll let you know when we are in Vancouver…. you’re even further away now!! I’ll keep you in my prayers….you go girl!

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