“Lee, Lahach, Lach, Lo, La….”

New pop tune or sacred chant? Neither! But a snippet of one of the Hebrew drills I’m learning.

Yes, I’m alive. If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, let me describe to you one of my days…

  • 7:00 wake up, wash up, head out the door by 7:35 to catch the 7:42 bus
  • 7:55 Arrive at school
  • 8:00 Hebrew class, which usually starts off with a drill, vocab test (we’re up to a 180 words now), or nasty grammar test
  • 9:30 History class: we’re now onto the High Middle Ages and approaching the Reformation. All I can tell you is that lots of stuff is happening in Europe at this time.
  • 11:00 Chapel: The school gathers for singing, prayer, homily, and scripture reading. The music is excellent and the preaching is done by staff/faculty. Good stuff!
  • 12:00 Community Group/lunch: We gather in groups for soup & bread lunch done by the school’s catering company (only on Tuesdays and only for $2). In my group, we’re taking turns sharing our “life story” in about 15-20 min, then have a time of prayer.
  • 1:30 Christian Thought and Culture Class: it’s kinda like History, only with more emphasis on the development of Christian thought in the context of culture (helpful definition, I know). But most of the time I mix it up with History.
  • 3:00 End of classes! Start of studying, assignments, papers, etc.
  • 5-6:00 Go home, eat
  • 7:00 Go to Starbucks/Tim Hortons/other coffee shop for studying.
  • 11:00 (on a good day): Go home
  • 12 AM (on a good day): Sleep

The tensions are rising in school. I’m trying to stay calm, but I’m always behind. As of now, I’m two chapters behind in Hebrew, two books behind in Old Testament, and dangerously unprepared for my papers. Everyone gives me pitying looks when I tell them I’m taking four classes. I didn’t get it at the beginning of the term… wohoh now I do!

I get my social time by studying with other people. Last weekend was a treat because I allowed myself to go Contra (contemporary Ceili) dancing and a movie video night. But I’ve been dubbed the “Queen of Coffee House Studying.”  It’s only because I’m too distracted at home to study. Like now, for instance.

In other news, I think I’ve found a local church to attend. We meet in a community hall and the format is refreshingly different. The people are friendly and actually come up to you and talk! Novel, I know.

The days are gloomier and I’ve been using my snowbrush to wipe off the mass of leaves on my car. Oh the leaves! Of gorgeous colors and manifold shapes! They carpet the lawns, parks, streets, sidewalks, dumpsters, everything! When it rains, the leaves fall down even more and you can watch them flutter down in an endless cascade. I got a ride home today from a girl at church and all I got from her when I said the leaves were beautiful was… “Oh, ok.”

Yes, I’m from Edmonton, and yes we have trees. But not like this. Thanks to another friend, I’ve taken up leaf collecting for a pastime. I press them in my textbooks to make them more exciting!

Ok, I’m sure this is more than you needed to know. In a nutshell: I’m alive, I’m stressed out, and I’m not going crazy, yet. But I’m not alone, which makes everything bearable.

More random facts:

  • They like to celebrate Halloween here with fireworks. So all through the night you’re wondering if you’re hearing gunshots.
  • The couple I’m living with has a daughter who’s the lead singer of the group Hey Ocean. If you like folky, jazzy, poppy music, check out their myspace site. They’re young but really talented and creative.
  • November is the “Dark Month.” In other words, I’m going in to hermit mode with an umbrella.
  • I’m back in Edmonton Dec 17th – Jan 9th. Looking forward to catching up with many of you!

4 thoughts on ““Lee, Lahach, Lach, Lo, La….”

  1. Great to hear the detail about a typical day. You have given me more specificity for my prayers for you. Thank you and thanks be to The LORD for strengthening you for your race.

  2. What!…..you’re behind? You went through engineering….I’m shocked 🙂 It has been a while since you’ve been back in a classroom eh?…..Seriously, its much harder now that we’re older and especially, after you’ve tasted what life is like without school and now you’re BACK IN school. It took me a full term of school to slap me awake to the realization that I’ve got homework again and that deadline for school is not like deadline for projects….projects you can get an extension for, school, most of the time, you can’t.

    Good luck Diana and God Bless,

  3. Hey Diana – I so enjoy your updates – you have a flair for description which is so unlike what I stereotype Engineers for 😉

    The lushness in Vancouver is captivating – I can’t imagine doing four courses and living breathing and not sleeping school – yet I am somewhat envious of the very focused path you are on. Continue to marvel at the leaves and the intricate spider webs while worshipping the sun and caffeine – it’s those little things that make you appreciate all that you have. Looking forward to seeing you in December.

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