What? It’s December???

So i’m into my LAST week for school. Papers were done a few weeks ago and now it’s the impossible task of craming information into the spaces of my brain that don’t exist. I have 4 exams in 3 days, starting on Wednesday. And we still have classes 😦

Despite the doom and gloom of the ecnomy and political mayhem (what is going on in parliament?!??), people have their Xmas lights up and carols are playing on the radio. I must say, it just ain’t the same without snow. Instead, brown sludge line the streets (the aftermath of leaves and rain) and there’s not even a hint of frost. It’s actually starting to feel more like Fall than Xmas. But I’m more than happy to enjoy above zero temps at this time of year. And it’s STILL GREEN.

The last few weeks have been hectic and stressful. On the one hand, there are only four more days left. On the other hand, THERE ARE ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT. Why am I writing here?!?!?

Once exams are over on the 12th, I have to start packing and cleaning. I’m moving to a new place (more info to follow) on the 16th, then flying back to Edm on the 17th. Then I can sleep, relax, read books for the fun of it, spend real time with people, process all the info I’ve been learning, and prepare for another term. I wish I could say that my entire experience here thus far has been spectacular or fun; for the most part it’s been difficult and draining. The good parts have involved wonderful people, new friends and old ones. The bad parts… well, I’ll leave that for more personal sharing.

So if you’re in town btwn Dec 17-Jan 9 and want to connect, give me a shout! Until then, pray that I survive with my brain and sanity intact.



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