Ok, so I have failed miserably to keep up this blog. I really should use this tell/record stories here in glorious Vancouver, home to the 2010 [winter] Olympics. People here either love or hate the Olympics. Those who love it seem to turn a blind eye to the closures and cutbacks of charitable organizations or funding to social programs. Meanwhile, the flowers continue to bud and the city prepares itself for inevitable chaos. My biggest plan is to “Dance in the Streets” – on Feb 13 there will be a flash mob of dancers converging on an already congested street in downtown Vancouver. This should be interesting, and hopefully fun!

A couple nights ago I had dinner with a politician’s wife. Other than the fact that her husband is quite well known in Canadian politics, it was a normal, pleasant evening. Normal for the standards of my roommates and I (I think we’re really quite crazy when we’re together). Anyways, Mrs. M was tremendously gracious, kind, and spunky. Hilarious in fact, but also earthy and real. Though we hail from the same province, our social circles are far, far, from overlapping. Which made the evening all the more surreal. What is this refined lady doing with a bunch of single gals, half her age, and worlds apart? In case you’re wondering, she goes to the same school as I do…She’s the second “celeb” I’ve met at regent. The first being Shad (Canadian hip-hop artist). That’s another story.

Well, well, looks like I’ve finally written something here. I don’t have much else to share except that I really need to get back to studying. Who is reading this any way? Now I feel like Julie in “Julie and Julia” – great movie btw. Except I have no recipes to follow, no person to emulate, and certainly no husband to fall back on. Just silly stories like how I lost my shoe while contra dancing yesterday and how the man I was dancing with showed me how much I appreciate humor. And in case anyone is actually reading this – my dance partner for the song was already married. So I’m still waiting for someone who can make me laugh, esp. at myself. Female roommates do not count.



One thought on “2010

  1. Hey Diana, in case you are wondering, there are still people reading your posts, even though this one has been a loooong time coming…glad to see you are doing ok, you don’t seem to be as stressed as last time (December 2008?!?!). Keep in touch…

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