Common Trouble

I’ve been away for the last few days at Bowen Island. And since someone actually commented (thanks G), I feel slightly more motivated to write here, in addition to the many assignments that have piled up for me to do. Sigh. Anyways, Bowen Island was (and is) a lovely place. Perched on top of a hill overlooking Snug Cove is Rivendell, the local  retreat center that has been serving as a place of refuge, healing, silence, and marvel for many people for several years.  It’s not a resort, but it feels like an oasis, especially when one spends the day reading in the sun or wandering in the woods, or gazing at the snow capped mountains. It’s my third time at Rivendell, and I can go because it’s pay-as-you-will. That’s right, it’s up to you how much you want to pay. Can I get an amen? Seriously though, I’m so thankful for these rich Christian developers who donated the land and money to build and run this place. ‘Tis heaven… but I jump ahead.

Prior to going to Rivendell, my friends and I successfully participated in a flashmob. I took part in a “spontaneous” dance along Robson street. It was an event to promote awareness for a charity organization called Imagine One Day. But really, it was just an excuse to have fun with a whole lot of people. So despite the dreary weather, thousands came out and took over a street for 3 min. We cheered ourselves when it was done instead of dispersing quietly as instructed. With 2000+ people? Yeah, I don’t think so.

The day after was fabulously sunny (just in time for SAD – aka Single Awareness Day aka Valentines). I spent most of the day with friends. Unfortunately I fell on the wrong side of the tracks, quite literally. We were walking along the train tracks in Kerrisdale, when in a moment of inbalance (I blame it on the oversized slippers I borrowed from a friend because all I had with me were my high-healed boots) I fell and banged up my foot. The strange thing was that I was fine afterwards and walked with a bit of soreness, but by the end of the night I could barely walk. Between soaking it hot water, icing, and rubbing it with white-flower-oil, my foot somehow got better the next day. At least I was able to limp around, much to the relief of my roommate and I. For we woke up early to make it out of our house by 6AM and drive out to horseshoe bay before the downtown morning traffic (already made crazy by olympic lane closures, etc).

So you think that by the time we’re on the island we would have some peace. We did for the most part, but we caused the most disturbance. I think it started with the curry that stunk the whole building, then the stealing of flowers from the main room to put in our rooms, then it was drinking of wine (not that anyone said anything), and oh, the fire alarm. Yes we set off the fire alarm while enjoying the fireplace (wet wood was the real culprit). Took awhile for the host to shut of the system and reset it. The “Common Trouble” light would not go off. Poetic, no?

Surprisingly we made it back to Vancouver just fine. Today, however, I lost my cell phone through the cracks of the bleachers at Canada Hockey Place. I have to wait two days before I can claim my phone (assuming they pick it up and transfer it to the central lost and found office with my name on it). But I got to watch a hockey game thanks to a generous cousin, and enjoy the festive spirit that has taken over downtown Vancouver   – which really means that there are crowds everywhere and crazy line-ups. There was even a line-up to the liquor store. I failed to see Deadmau5 tonight as previously planned (sniff). Of course a true fan would have camped over night (which they did). BUT we saw Hey Ocean! instead after the robson square light show (both for free).

So that has been my first week of the (olympic) reading break. In the next week I have a paper, sermon, and reading logs to write.  I think that common trouble light is still blinking.


2 thoughts on “Common Trouble

  1. hey di !nice to read ‘di’s adventures’ again and to hear that you are doing well and still having a good time. take care 🙂

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