Tonight I went to a Victory Ceremony, the award ceremony where they give out the medals for competitions from the day before. I was disappointed not to see Virtue and Moir, but at least we got to cheer for Clara Hughes for her bronze. Most of the people were interested in the Canada vs Russia game that overlapped with the ceremony. On route to BC Place, I saw crowds of people standing in the streets, watching plasma televisions on store fronts. Everytime Canada score you can hear cheering from all over the downtown core. Even inside BC Place, all the screens were on the game and people stood watching, fixated on the game. Well, at least I was.

INXS was the headlining concert band. What a strange throw-back to the 80’s with a young face belting out tunes framed by aged rock star musicians. All around were die-hard INXS fans, also aged. The most entertainment came from a 40ish looking lady from Australia sitting the row directly in front of us. At every song she screamed and swooned. Yes, swooned. I think I have an INXS cd somewhere, their best-of compilation and it’s impressive the number of hits they had…. but I wonder how our young singer is dealing with assuming another person’s stardom and song. I’m old enough to remember Michael Hutchence, apparently he would have turned 50 last month!

Good news: I got my cell phone back.

Bad news: It’s sick. I.E. It’s not working properly.


I found a coke torch:

Not bad for a day’s “work.”

Go! Canada! Go!


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