Oh my, it’s been a while.

So my attempt to blog has failed miserably. And I’m only writing now because I’m finally experiencing a bit of a break, without also feeling tired. The summer has been a busy one, I keep telling that to people because it’s true. 3 part-time jobs, an audio course, and the various things of life have kept me puttering around. May was the toughest month in terms of finding decent work. I was housecleaning for a time. Yup, former professional engineer resorting to house cleaning for pay. It made me appreciate several things though:

– the value of domestic housework

– the plight of immigrant workers, especially nannies

– the difference between humility and humiliation, that is, what makes one type of work meaningful and the other degrading?

I guess I wasn’t as humble as I thought… I couldn’t keep doing it. Instead I’m making coffee for even less pay, but for some reason it’s more noble. Go figure.

I feel like I’m living life in reverse to most. When I was in university, I didn’t have to take up a service job  or live in dorms. I had a career and a decent paying job. Now I’m back in school, working an almost minimum wage job and living in a community house (of sorts).

And I’m happier now than when I was in the office. Blessings, and blessings… little gifts of life.

Other people my age are experiencing other types of blessings – family life, raising children, diapers and rashes. While I wish for these things, nothing quite beats living with a 97 year old lady full of wit and wisdom, in a beautiful house by the ocean. I’m freer than most people, but I’m unsure what to do with that freedom. I’m also more selfish than my mothering friends who understand the meaning of sacrifice.

On the flip side, I don’t know what I did to deserve to be here with all that I have… esp when others suffer so much. Pakistan, Haiti, Congo… East Side Vancouver. How does one live with so much abundance and grace when others are without?

Anyways, I ramble and life rumbles on.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Yes, it has been a while, but better late than never.

    If it makes you feel any better dear, I clean house for my own 3 little piggies (wink) each and every day, and I don’t get paid for it. G, if you’re reading this, start paying me. Lol. Former teacher turned house cleaner with NO PAY. I think I got the shorter end of the stick. Plus, afterall, you do live in “beautiful Vancouver”. All sarcasm intended. Teehee. Chin up, and have a great week Ms. D-tales!

  2. Ah Di
    Thanks for the update. You are wise wise. Glad to see things are going well in downward mobility 🙂 I know Christ would be well pleased with such a well lived, thoughtful, compassionate and pastoral life 🙂

  3. Good for you!!
    I just took a temp receptionist position which was really weird. I even had to bring a few coffee’s to people. Things I never thought I would do… but it was busy & relaxing & fun. I am done now… but I kinda miss it…
    Keep plugging away!!! You are amazing 🙂

  4. Thanks everyone 🙂 It was a humbling experience, I wish I was self-confident enough to make house-cleaning noble work. Maybe if I was paid $30/hr as some professional cleaners charge here 😛 And yet if it was volunteer work for people who need help.. it would have been far more rewarding. So if it’s not about the money, then what is it?

    LeQuan: yes, stay at home parents are incredible. The work you do is priceless.

    Jon: I’m not sure if i get kudos for being desperate for work. Downward mobility should be voluntary….. need to work on the voluntary and joyful bit.

    Leanne: next time I’ll serve you coffee 😉 what are you up to now?

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