So the two questions I get the most is:

1)     What will you do once you graduate?

2)     Have you met anyone yet?

I am unable to actually answer question #1 because there are too many unknowns. The moment I decided to quit engineering and come here was the moment my life went on a rollercoaster ride. There are tracks, but they go in strange directions – unplanned and uncontrollable.

As for question #2… I’ve met plenty of people, plenty of men. The real question is whether or not these men are worth meeting again. Though, it seems that the only men that are interested in meeting me are the ones who are interested in meeting any female, or perhaps any female of Asian descent.

[I had to explain to my roommate the perils of being a single, Chinese woman. The first being that there are certain men that look at Asian girls and have a stereotype in mind. They think Asian girls are exotic and submissive, and is perhaps in need of a man to help them integrate into Canadian society… you get my drift].

Anyways, so the first guy in Vancouver who tried to pick me up was, wait for it, an old Sikh man. I was waiting for a bus at UBC and was sitting on the bench. This man with a grey beard and thick accent asks if he could sit beside me, which of course I consented. He proceeded to tell me that he just came from the beach, and how very beautiful it was. It dawned on me a few mins later that he meant Wreck Beach, the famous clothing-optional beach a the base of UBC campus. The bells started sounding off when he asked me if I was Filipino, where I was from, was I a student, where did I live …  I kept asking him if he had children, what temple he went to, how long he’s been in Canada….

As our bus approached he asked if I wanted to have coffee, to which I replied I had to study and wished him a good day.

I got on the next bus and proceeded to feel sufficiently creeped out the rest of the day.

That was last summer. This summer I have the pleasure of receiving the creepy look from customers at the coffee shop. Thankfully there are only two creepy regular customers. I’ve stopped smiling at them now, even try to avoid eye contact. I thought it was my imagination until I confirmed with my boss (who also is an Asian woman). Which leads me to creepy story #2:

There’s a guy in his mid to late 30’s that come in regularly for a large latte. I don’t know what it is, but something about the way he stares…at me…while I worked. Anyways, I met a friend at a restaurant next door after work was done. We were sitting by the window and I saw him, Large Latte, coming into the restaurant. Immediately I fixed my attention on my friend and told her that a creepy customer was coming into the restaurant. He was getting take-out and I didn’t look his way or acknowledged his presence. Large Latte got his order and left. Awkward situation avoided… or so I thought.

The next week Large Latte comes into the coffee shop. I smiled weakly and took his order. My co-worker made his drink while I hid in the back washing dishes or something. I come out for a brief moment to put something and away and he stops me… “hey…”

[internal voice: sh*t]

“… I saw you in the restaurant the other day and was wondering if you like the soup you were having.”

“… uhhh [blink blink], yeah, I think I was having the seafood soup, it was alright.”

” would you have it again?”

” uhhh, I would try something else”

“… oh, ok then.” Large Latte smiles and walks away.


I was sufficiently creeped out, again, for the rest of the day.

And so, there’s my answer for question #2.


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