2011 and beyond

I meant to blog more, really I did. Suddenly the year is almost a quarter done, and I’m halfway through my final semester at school. Final. Three years of  a graduate degree that has significantly shaped and challenged me in ways that I’m still not aware of. Again, I wish had the energy and time to write about the things that are swimming in my congested mind. Thoughts about God, Jesus, life, symbols, meaning, hope, Spirit, spirituality, language, eternity, transformation, healing, justice, race, identity, gender, risk, faith, and coffee. Well, perhaps coffee is the fuel for much of these thoughts… as such, Vancouver is a good city to be in for fuel.

And, admittedly, I’m writing here because I’m fasting from Facebook for Lent. I’m saying “no” to facebook in order to say “yes” to other things… like real connection with people (or blogging). I’ve been using FB to post up things that have entertained or interest me while I study. I find that I cannot concentrate on one thing for a great length of time, but that my mind need small, consistent breaks. FB has been great for that, but of course what ends up happening is that too much time is wasted. It’s too easy to be taken in by the going on’s in people’s lives, people whom I don’t really see or connect with. Go voyerism!

In the next little while, I have 3 major papers left and a trip to plan for. I’m going to Israel for three months in the summer! At which point I will be using this blog for travel tales. (More info to come). I’ve already begun reading novels about the Holy Land, and learning about its crazy political history. To grow up and to live in a conflict zone is so very foreign to me, as I’m sure it is to many of us here in the West. I guess I could have chosen other places to rest after Regent (the irony),  but it’s Israel! The land which I’ve always wanted to go because of the stories and feet that have traversed it. To walk the Via Dolorsa, to gaze at the Dome, to touch the rocks from the time of the apostles. It has been a dream of mine to go for many years. Lets hope that peace prevails in the region (totally for unselfish reasons, of course).

Well, return to work I must. The rain is coming on Vancouver, and across the Pacific a tiny island nation is responding to a devastating earthquake. I wonder if there’s such thing as a good response to life’s earthquakes.  I wonder if we’re even aware half the time of the little tremors that go on underneath our own skin….



One thought on “2011 and beyond

  1. Hi Di! Was wondering what this site was that I had bookmarked! I too have deactivated my facebook account…will likely reactivate after Easter…wow, so much more time on my hands…to check out people’s blogs and yes, i should make my own update…and of course, to study. Will be exciting to travel with you to Israel through your blog. As for skype, yes, would love to skype with you…Sundays are usually good for us…around 3 our time (noon your time)? or what works for you?
    chat soon…

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