Waiting for Cherry Blossoms

Last Sunday I saw a cherry tree in bloom. The Sakura has been late this year with the “prolonged” cool weather. And last night I heard once again the familiar spring chorus of croaking frogs residing at Jericho Park. Flowers are popping up, the birds are chirping… I even saw a woodpecker searching for food at the top of wooden utility polls. The raccoons have come back to the Magic House; we first heard one scamper across the roof of our study and then watched as it came over the eve and landed ungracefully on the flower pots left out on the balcony rail. Our ever-so-brave cat (aka Princess Jake) growled and hissed ungratefully at this intruder, while my roommate and I laughed at the sight.

Spring. I don’t think I really appreciated Spring until I came to Vancouver. Oh we long for it in Edmonton, especially after a harsh, brutal winter. But Spring in Edmonton means mud and dirt, and temperatures that can’t decide whether to be warm or cold. Whereas my first Spring in Vancouver was like a series of revelations: first the snow drops, then the crocuses, then some flowering bushes, cherry blossoms, magnolias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas … the list goes on and on until the whole city erupts in divine colors and smells.

I’m anticipating Spring. I think I’m anticipating many things which is why I feel so distracted. It’s easy to look forward so much that the here and now becomes obscured. But I’m noticing that my feelings of anticipation is a new thing. For many years I felt like I did not have much to look forward to. Another day at work. Another meeting, another project. Another holiday to make use of so I can feel excited about something.

I’m not sure what I’m anticipating now. I’m holding my breath for fear of disappointment. But something tells me that I won’t be. I’m anticipating changes… not changes in terms of new job, or new clothes, or new home, but the transformation within and the transformation of others. It’s the kind of changes that happen when God is at work, in slow and gentle ways. Yet changes mean losses. The petals will fall and dress the sidewalks and roads with promises of cherries.

And so I think of Spring and the changes that will come. Hope rising and filling this awakening heart.


One thought on “Waiting for Cherry Blossoms

  1. Thanks for the post Di! I related completely to the yearning for change from the everyday drudgery of work and more work. There must be more. I too am anticipating change… from within 🙂

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