Day 9

Snacks!DSC_0265DSC_0266Happy Canuck fans?DejectedDSC_0271
Humus, Tahini, and some kind of salsa-like dipFalafel, couscous, and kebabsOn the way back to Notre Dame

June 9, 2011, a set on Flickr.

Day 9 really began in Day 8. I have been emailing with J&J since my arrival in Jerusalem. To my surprise, one of them was a major Canucks fan and was keen to watch some play-off hockey. We arranged to meet up the evening before Game 4. The plan was for me to crash their place, wake up at 3AM and walk over to their friend’s house to watch the game because they have a faster internet connection).

So around 8PM, J&J picked me up in their friend’s car. This was our first time meeting and while it could have been awkward, we have many things in common (including a common friend, faith, and nationality). Yes, we are all Canucks.

After chatting over some locally-made gelato, we headed to their home to catch whatever sleep we could. At 3:30AM the alarm went off, and in a semi-dazed stupor we walked over to their friend’s home. Our pilgrimage on a Canadian religious event.

Their friend graciously allowed us to use their living room in the middle of the night. They prepared snacks for us AND – lo and behold – they had FOX Sports channel set up and ready to go!!!

It had the makings of a great night.. until we watched the second, then third… and finally fourth Bruins goal. Bru-tal.

We walked back in daylight and promptly collapsed in bed. After a few more hours of sleep we went out for lunch and I snapped my first photos of food. It was as tasty as it looks.

After lunch the adventure continues. J took to me to a cell phone shop to see if they could unlock my cell phone so I can use a local sim card. They ended up breaking the back cover of my phone. Thankfully, the worker admitted fault and ordered a new cover.

It took me about an hour by bus to make it back to Ein Kerem. A tram system has been built, but for some reason the trains run empty, mocking all citizens dependent on public transport. I transferred at the central bus station, which has been a site of a suicide bombing in the 90’s. To enter in the building everyone has to go through security check. In fact, most public places have security checks and armed guards.

Ein Kerem still feels like a haven from the city. On the street leading up to Notre Dame, a couple was having their wedding photos taken (the third one I’ve seen). It is a beautiful street, especially with the early evening sun. So I snapped one last photo of the day.

The question remains… should I bother trying to watch another game? If it were the Oilers, no question. But the emotional investment just isn’t there for the Canucks. And.. I think there’s slightly more interesting things to see here πŸ˜›


5 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Wow! The food looks amazing! I have to say, the game was a sad disappointment here too. We stayed extra long at my parents place just to watch…hoping that the Canucks would make it 3-1 for the games won…and with each passing period sadness set in. I find Boston to bully a lot. I really hope once they are back in Vancouver they can own some of Bostons behinds!

    PS: I love reading your blog! It is so intriguing to see such a wonderful place of the world that only I dream about. =D

  2. That food does look amazing!! Yum, yum.
    And I think you should watch one more game – tonight’s game is on home ice – before losing all hope. πŸ˜‰

  3. So enjoyed reading you posts so far and the pics add so much. Glad you arrived safely and now are diving in to many new opportunities!

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