New Page

It seems I’m getting my feet wet again with blogging. It’s been a while since the urge to write (for fun) has welled up and overflowed into the world-wide-web. As a practice of reflection, I went back to my old xanga blog. I requested a new password since I had apparently forgotten what it was. Memories came back; places of where I was and who I interacted with. It was like visiting old friends and recalling forgotten stories and (now) embarrassing moments. Honestly, I amuse myself.

There was a time when I really was a part of an online, blogging community. It was fun and geekishly exciting. And I made real friends through the blog. I even met up with one today and we reminisced about the time that once was.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the blog, I’m not sure I’d be where I am. Connections were made, and ‘lo and behold, here I am as a pastor of a tiny but precious church. God works in peculiar ways.

This draw back to “creative” writing is curious. There are certain moments when in the act of writing I feel the Spirit move and life emerges… not completely unlike sermon-writing but that feels more like going into labour every other week. I recently found out that a person returned to church because of a sermon I preached. Really??? From something I wrote and said? Can’t be… but there God goes and does something remarkable. Making feasts out of meager loaves and fishes.

And so starts a new chapter. I’m not interested in writing theological arguments or critiquing Christian practices. I’ll try not to complain about those whom I’m supposed to love, or rant about the unjustness of perfectly-happy people. I want to write because I want to create, and breathe the goodness of hope and life.

Hear that? A page just turned…. I love the sound of a blank page.


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