City of Angels

I was greeted by clouds, rain, and an insufferably long line-up at the rental car agency. One hour, folks, it took an hour for a pre-paid customer to get her car. Anyways…

So I’m here in Los Angeles, Pasadena to be exact. On Thursday, I’ll be at the Asian Pacific Islander Women Leadership Conference [ I think I fit in this category :P]. I’m kind of surprised to be here, having only found about the conference about a month ago.

Welcome to my stream of consciousness!

Some initial thoughts: the timing is perfect. God knows. A short step away, a small reprieve. And so I’m here, wondering, praying… preparing.

I stepped into a charismatic prayer meeting on Fuller’s campus tonight. I’m staying in the neighbourhood, thanks to a friend (and got the tour from another). Prayers for healing, and reconciliation. Race, gender, denominations, and traditions. The hopes of breaking down barriers and fears. Loved their intentionality and openness. Delighted by people’s friendliness and initiation…though I felt a bit like an interloper.

I think I’m over-tired. Been up since 5:30 AM, aside from dozing on the plane. Had to battled with income-tax software for the entire day before. In the evening I went to a lecture on the book of Job and caught a glimpse of the beauty of Hebrew poetry. Then packing and scrambling. I still missed things like a raincoat and an umbrella. Was that just yesterday???

The weather should improve in the next few days. Tomorrow’s agenda will be dependent on it. No sun would mean museum. Sun would mean walks and perhaps beaches…and justification for all the summer clothes I brought with me. I’m happy to be wearing my “bible sandals” though, wrought of fine camel leather and formed in Palestine.

Evening conversations about incarnational living, skid row, and strange people. Laughter… it’s going to be a good week.


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