Ash Wednesday

So the season of Lent begins, and my attempt to breath life back into blogging. I’m toying with the idea of writing something, anything, once a day for the next 40 or so days until Easter. The only way that this will happen is if I throw away any concerns about grammar and bad sentence structure and simply write what comes to mind.

Even the concerns about whether or not this is of interest to anyone, even the 3 readers that I have left. Or 2. Including myself.

I’m off Facebook. I did the FB fast couple years ago during a time of deep grieving. Lent helped me to process those emotions with God. This year I hope that the Lenton season will point me to life in Christ. While I had eschewed all those platitudes of my Christian youth to “give my all to Jesus” or to “surrender all” and “go to the ends of the earth”… I’m trying to redeem those good intentions and heartfelt sentiments. I must go back to the heart of this sacred journey that I’ve decided to take so many years ago: the passion and love of Christ.

Note it is not MY passion or MY love of Christ, but His. His suffering poured out for the lives of many. His love which commands all my affections and attention.

I can sound saintly, but Lord knows my divided devotion. I am human through and through… and it’s ok. But I fear the times when I forget my responsibilities and duties. I fear resenting the choice of the “religious life.” I long for the day when the battles cease and I can be truly Whole. That day may be near or far, in the meantime I am learning the practice of faithfulness.

Here’s the first step on the road to Easter.

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