First Sunday of Lent

My Plastic Heart can not love
My Plastic Heart can not love

My excuse for not posting yesterday was simply this: I was already writing…albeit slowly and painfully. I finished my sermon around 1:30AM, after having secluded myself in the attic for most of the day. I guess I was making up for lost time.

This past week was one for the dating books, but I’m not about to discuss it now. All I dare to say is… so it goes. 😛

But today I felt the Spirit move as people engaged with the sermon. As I approached the Lord’s Table to begin the rite I had this sense of goodness and rightness. As though I’m doing exactly what I ought to be doing. What a gift, what a privilege.. what a grace.

It is good to feel thankful, and to be able to see God’s abundance even in times of scarcity.

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