Back to normal

I’ve been waiting for this. I bet you weren’t.

Nearly a month after my last post, I finally had a day where I had a whopping ZERO visitors to this site. Basically, I’ve been waiting until my viewership went back to “normal” before posting again. Call me strange but that’s how I roll. I wasn’t prepared for the sudden influx of readers and subscribers (though I’m sure it’s peanuts compared to real bloggers) from my last post. It was my five seconds of fame.. sort of. Seriously though, I had more unique visitors in one day then I had in the last five or six years of irregular blogging. Smart bloggers would have capitalized on that and immediately set to write brilliant posts to get more readers.

Me, well, I don’t want the pressure.

I’m on here to simply create. And every creator wants their creation to be appreciated hence the public nature of blogging. But this isn’t something that I’m taking too seriously. Maybe, sometime in the future, I’ll create posts to say something intelligent on life, love, politics, Christian theology and praxis. But there are some really good writers out there already. So good that they even have written books. Books that people should take the time to read and digest, instead of settling for crumbly blog posts sufficient for pointing out a path but not good enough to give you a map.

However, if my crumbs suffice, thank you for taking a taste. I’ll try to make them worth your while, maybe even palatable. Just don’t hold your breath.

5 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. No breath holding here, because when you do write up a post it usually takes my breath away. =)

    Your very talented at writing what is on your mind and your insights usually always seem to come at *just* the right time that I need them, so thank you.


      • I don’t think you realize just how much talent you have when writing. Musings or whatever you think your writing up, always speaks loudly to my heart. Thank YOU for that gift!


  2. There are some really good writers out there and you are one of them! I am intimidated daily and often wonder why I started this something called blogging whose path doesn’t appear clear? But I too am a creator, so you gave me pause to remember the importance of just that! Thank you for your insight


    • I used to feel intimidated about blogging but after awhile you learn not to let that keep you from exploring and expressing thoughts on the world wide web. Keep writing!


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